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11th October 1997. Not the most memerable of dates, although it did mark England's qualification for France '98 after a 0:0 draw in Italy. It was this match that probably led to the birth of Kids TV.

Myself and a few friends were watching the match at The Village Hotel in Chilwell, near Nottingham. We were enjoying a few beers (as you do) and trying to make out what was happening on the laughingly called "Big Screen". (Paul Ince was easy to pick out with his headband anyway).

Joyous after the result, we made our way to the ground floor bar (the TV was downstairs, away from the majority of hotel guests and the restraunt) for more drinks and a mini celebration.

And then it started...

I don't know who started the conversation off or what the question was but we got to the topic of Kids TV (from subsequent e-mails I've had it is remarkable how many other people talk about Kids TV in the pub). A lot of questions were flying about and I seem to know the answer to them all, as well as being able to sing the theme tunes.

We seemed to be talking for an age and didn't realise that most of the pub seemed to be listening in on the conversation. At one point, I starting singing the theme to "Jaime and The Magic Torch" which prompted a standing ovation from the table to our right!

Anyway, at the time my web-site was just a "Hello, I'm on the Internet" type thing and I'd wanted something to write about that might get a few visitors. The events of that night gave me the inspiration.

(Welcome To) Kids TV was born not long after. I'd had a look for other sites and all I could find was "Watched It!" which linked to programmes and went into quite a bit of depth. I just wanted to stir memories and so set about listing all the programmes I could remember and writing a bit about them.

In it's short history, the site has had it's fair share of criticism, not least about the poor spelling but also about some of the shorter write ups given. As I said, I only wanted to get a few memories ticking with what I remembered and hope that other people would fill in the blanks.

Kids TV now attracts around 250 visitors a day, gets about 40 e-mails a week and lists over 240 programmes.

And all because of a few beers after a football match.

kids-tv( was launched on 17th January 2000 and received over 40,000 visitors in it's first year.

Ian Trembirth


Whilst moving the site from it's old home to the new one, a testcard was put onto the new site to welcome visitors and I've just found it!

Ian Trembirth


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