The Programmes:

From Camberwick Green to Curious George

Camblewick Green
Camberwick Green
: There is some confusion over the spelling when people search the web so I'm using both.

Camberwick green was the posh bit of Trumptonshire, Windy miller and all that lot. There was also Pippin Fort which was home to Captain Snort, Seargant Major Grout, Private Armitage, Private Featherby, Private Higgins, Private Hopwood, Private Lumley and Private Meek

Other residents were Mr Carraway (The Fishmonger), Dr Mopp, Mickey Murphy (The Baker), PC McGarry (number 452) and Mr Daggenham (the rich businessman who owned a sports car).

The programme always started with a spinning top type thing that had the main character of the day, today we feature Miller.

Captain America : One of the most ridiculous cartoons ever. Prime culprit of a show that wouldn't allow a character to do anything for 90% of the show and then at the last minute they could (See also the Ghostbusters movie). "If I can just reach this thing I couldn't reach before... I CAN". What a surprise. Of course, he belived in all that Truth, Justice and whatever.

Captain Caveman : The world's first super hero.

"Cavey" and his teenangels (There was definately something going on between CC and Taffy, the blonde tenn angel). Whenever anything was needed, Cavey always found it amongst his body hair, including, on odd occasions, rather large dinsoars. Whenever his hair was shaved (for whatever reason) he'd always be wearing a pair of red-spotted boxer shorts. A man with a proper weapon, a knackered club (Derby County, ha ha ha).

"Unga Munga. Bad time for a power failure."

Captain Pugwash : Alright, calm down. No, stop sniggering at the back. Let's get this over with.

There weren't characters in Captain Pugwash called "Roger the Cabin Boy", "Master Bates" or "Seamen Staines" for goodness sake, kids tv makers tried to get away with a lot but even they wouldn't go that far.

What people don't remember is that this was pretty good TV and there are growing calls for it to return. The theme tune is used as often as possible which is good, as it's a pretty damn good one.

Captain Scarlet : The indestructable Captain Scarlet always seemed a darker programme than the other Gerry Anderson puppet shows but no less fun for all that. The Mysterons are waging a war against the people of Earth and it's up to Captain Scarlet (and Blue, and Green etc.) to save us.

Captain Zep, Space Detective : Watch the show, answer a question, win a prize. Simple really.

Casey Jones: About the American steam train driver.

Catweeale : A failed wizard form the middle ages. He fell in to a pond and travelled forwards in time to the 1970's.

Centurians : 3 super heroes, Ace McCloud, the blue guy based in the air, Jake Rockwell, dressed in Yellow, and Max Ray, based in the sea, dressed in Green. All had a sort of bio suit and whenever the situation arose they would be a call to their space station where a woman and an ape of some description would select the necessary bits that would bolt onto the suit and save the day.

One of them had a dog too and bits could be bolted onto him. They had a secret place to meet that was an old bookshop.

Champion The Wonder Horse : When this came on on summer mornings, it was time for everyone to go out to play. BORING!! Also featured Rebel the dog.

Theme Tune


Charlie Brown : Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Not the greatest of animations, not the greatest of stories but great fun to watch. Adrian Mole, Kevin Arnold (The Wonder Years) and maybe even Dawson (and fellow residents of his creek) could have saved themselves years of angst by watching Charlie and friends and realising it could all be worse. I mean, did you ever see Dawson kick a football deliberately moved out of his way?

Brown, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty, Schroder, comfort blankets, Psychiatrists, missing footballs, baseball games. "Wa wa wa fa na na?", "No sir". Superb.

Cheggers Plays Pop : Music based quiz game with lots of energetic, "over the inflateable" tasks and challenges. Can't remember but Chegwin was the colourful bouncy host before he decided he had to present quiz shows naked, oh dear!

Featured the following classic question:

"In which year was Bohemian Rhapsody a hit. 1974, 1976 or 1978".
The answer from hapless Keith: "1975".

Chigley: Another borough of Trumptonshire and neighbour of Camberwick Green. Lord Bellborough owned Bessie the train along with his butler Mr Brackett and Winnie (from the Wharfage) was a regular passenger.

Children Of The Dog Star : made in Australia or New Zealand this great Sci-fi drama series was about a young girl who moves to one of her relatives in a rural town. There was this weird weather vane on their barn that moved and made strange sounds. It turned out that it was part of an alien that crash landed on earth and there were other bits around the town. The series ended when all the pieces were put together.

The Children Of Green Knowe : Tolly goes to stay with his Great-Grandma and finds her house is haunted by Toby, Linnet and Alexander. Each of these has a story to tell about their lives and about Green Knowe. At the end, a statue in the garden comes alive to save the house.

Children Of The Stones : Spooky stuff from the 70's based in Avebury. The stones in question would posess all the local folks. More info please.

Chockablock : With Chock-a-bloke (Fred Harris) or Chock-a-girl (Carol Leader) who would arrive (and check in) in a small electric car. After waving to the camera and greeting their audience, they sat by a huge yellow computer that could tell stories and make up songs from bits of information from the presenter.. One of the most played songs was the song of Obidirer Blank (don't we have our lucky stars to thank).

Chocky : You know, looking back there were some really scary kids programmes. I mean this had it's moments. A big green floating, er, thing in the middle of the room talking to children with a strange voice. Followed up by Chocky's Children which was just as bizarre.

Chorlton and the Wheelies : Certainly in the top 5 of the greatest ever kids shows ever. Chorlton was a bit of a stupid git really but as he was the biggest person around it didn't matter. I never was sure whether he knew what the "Wheelies" were and how bad the (welsh) wicked witch Fenella ("'ello little old lady") was. Fenella by the way lived in a kettle and was ably assisted by little mushroom things with eyes that would pop-up out of the ground, her spell book "Clap Trap" and a telescope. If there is one programme people remember from their childhood then this is it!

Circus Boy : Starred Mickey Dolenz (who later became one of the Monkeys) as a small boy who helped out in a circus usualy dressed in a 'Bellhop'type uniform.

The Clangers : Wee pink creatures who ate blue string and lived in space with the Soup Dragon and the Iron Chicken. Patrick Moore's favourite programme!

Cloppa Castle : One of the least remembered of all Kids TV shows. Similar looking to Trumpton I only watched it because it replaced "Animal Crackers". Something to do with a King, in a castle.

Theme Tune


An e-mail from Geoff -

"My uncle and his band sang the theme tune for the program.they where called rainbow cottage.and his name is Arthur Kerevan and he now plays for a band in Liverpool called CY Tucker."

Now that's a claim to fame!

Cockleshell Bay : Robin and Rossie live at the seaside and this was they're story.

"It's where people stay, and two children play, with all the good friends that they've made."


Come Back,Lucy: Based on a book of the same name by Pamela Sykes. The series was made in 1978. It was about an orphan who had been brought up by a maiden aunt. When the aunt died the heroine went to live with some distant relatives. She hated them but accidently found if she looked in a mirror she could go back to victorian times and made friends with a girl called Alice who wasn`t vey nice.

Crackerjack : It's Friday, it's 5 to 5 and it's time for Crackerjack (CRACK - ER - JACK). This was around for ages before I saw it. Presented in it's later years by Stu Francis ("I could crush a grape", "Ooh I could rip a tissue" and "ooh I could wrestle an action man"!) and relied far to heavily on The Crankies.

Previous (before my time) presenters included Ed Stewart, Don McClean, Bernie "Ostrich" Clifton and Peter Glaze and of course Eamon Andrews.

Remember, don't drop the cabbage and take home your Crackerjack pencils (CRACK - ER - JACK).

Why did the presenters always look at the audience while saying Crackerjack (CRACK - ER - JACK) they all knew what to do.

Curious George: The curious little monkey. Owned by a man in a yellow hat.

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