The Programmes:

From Kickstart to Knightmare

Kickstart : and of course, Junior Kickstart. Kids with far too much money go Motor Cycling for fun across hurdles and barriers and the like. Peter Purves (ex of Blue Peter) was your host and remember, once you've entered the obstacle, don't put your feet down! The second round was always the reverse of the first and usually more tricky!

Theme Tune - The Kickstart Theme

King Rollo: Made by the Mr Benn chaps. King Rollo owned Hamlet, a white cat that always seemed to be in shot and knew what was going off. Rollo meanwhile was more interested in Tea and Cakes! Also living in Rollo's castle was the cook and magician. Queen Gwen and King Frank also paid a visit.

Knightmare : Some poor kid was blindfolded and their mates had to direct them around a computer generated dungeon. The funniest episode was the team that had a "dungeoneer" who didn't know there left from right. They did so well until he tried to jump a ravine and then fell over the other side.

Now it used to take quite a while warning team, life force draining for them to get through the maze and after all their hard work........they got a poxy certificate. Good fun for the over-acting of the dungeon master.

Website - A Knightmare site

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