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Not content with getting money off the TV companies for making their wares, the producers of a TV show would try to milk the market by selling "merchandise". George Lucas is to blame of course with the runaway succes of Star Wars toys (how many different Luke Skywalker suits could you buy) but others have been just as bad, the Teletubby crisis of a few years back is typical of this, everything you could possibly imagine from pencil sharpeners to back-packs.

There has also been a great deal of money made with "Retro" merchandise. The other week I came across a set of Bagpuss greetings cards, then there are the current batch of "Muppets" backpacks.

But what did you have? Only original stuff will be listed here and if you've got photo evidence, even better (we have the technology to take you out of the photo if it's too embaressing). Remember the stuff you're describing must have some link with a TV show (not a film). It's as simple as that.

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Alex Rees : has the original vinyl of the Fraggle Rock theme tune.

Julie Robertson : has owned quite a but of tat over the years:
Paddington Bear and Blue Peter Storybook - Paddington visits the Blue Peter studios and meets Val, John Noakes and Peter Purvis
Worzel Gummidge annual
GREEN furry Rhubarb dog
"Father Abraham in Smurfland" album, a furry Smurfette and a number of the original plastic figures.
"I just Wanna Be A Winner" 7" single by Brown Sauce aka Keith Chegwin, Maggie Philbin and Noel Edmonds

Paul Evans : My sister used to own a rather horrible stuffed honey monster, and a supremely vile Rupert Bear rubber doll.

Kirsty : I had a Basil Brush egg-cup. Basil's body lifted off his feet. You sat the egg on his feet and his tail went up behind the egg. Then you put his body back on so the egg stayed warm while you had your cereal.

Sara : In about 1974ish had an Andy Pandy with a pull string, (just like woody in toy story. Unfortunately I can't remember what he used to say but I know he mentioned looby loo and teddy.

Kate : My son has our family "heirloom", hanging from his bedroom ceiling, an early 70's Magic Roundabout lampshade!! The poor thing wants something more up to date like a pokemon one but I can't bear to part with it. He's also got a Shari Lewis Lambchop puppet that he didn't want but was having anyway!!!

Claire : I have a Gordon the Gopher hand puppet.


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