The Programmes:

Information is a not-for-profit site produced to remind visitors of their youth and to waste a few minutes in the office. It has no connection with any TV station in the UK or any other country and has no influence over anything that they do (so please, don't send CVs or requests for programmes to be shown again).

The site is wholly maintained by Ian Trembirth but receives contributions from a large number of visitors supplying memories, details and other information.

Contributing To The Site

If you want to send your memories, the best way to do it is to use the Contact Form. The only e-mail address that is currently checked is, all other mailboxes have been deleted due to spam.

Important Note: People spend a lot of time working on websites, please do not steal their work. If there is a picture or sound file that you think would be good on this site, send me the link and I will ask if it can be used or I will link to it myself. I've been in trouble for this before and I don't want it to happen again.

You do a really good job, can we send you money?

No, but if you use one of the links to purchase a DVD from Amazon, this site receives a small commission as a way of a thank you. (For anyone interested, the amount of commission taken in the last two years doesn't come to a week's wages so it's not that profitable)


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